Darkdawn – The Nevernight Chronicle

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Darkdawn (The Nevernight Chronicle, #3)

Darkdawn by; Jay Kristoff

Published by; St.Martins Press

Published on; September 3rd 2019

Mia Corvere – RIP Little Crow

How do you begin to review a book full of possible spoilers?! I could tell you I’m mad as hell at Jay Kristoff, I could tell you I’m over the moon – both of these statements are very telling…and for the sake of not ruining anything….we’ll keep this brief.

If you’ve read anything by Jay Kristoff then you are no stranger to his twisted sense of humor, impeccable world building (brought to us via footnotes throughout the Nevernight series), and characters full of sass.

The first two books in this series are dark, twisted, gory and just full of rotten (and stunning) language. There is plenty of death, angst and many many feelings. Book three will not disappoint. No matter what your feelings toward Mia Corvere, she definitely has plenty of story left within the pages of Darkdawn.

I’ll leave you with this; the graphic detail, the smut, the angst (again) will be well worth the wait. I love the diversity of Jay Kristoff’s writing and after meeting him in person, his personality definitely shows up within the pages of everything he writes.

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