Girl Gone Viral – book review

Girl Gone Viral

by Arvin Ahmadi

Published by; Penguin Random House

Published on May 21st, 2019

Girl Gone Viral

What would you do if your loved one disappeared, leaving behind a cryptic note, in a day and age where technology ruled the world? For seventeen year old Opal Hopper, a genius coder, she sets out to win a contest ran by WAVE, the biggest virtual reality platform the world has ever seen. The winner gets the chance to meet the billionare who worked closely with her father, her father who disappeared without a trace.

Girl Gone Viral is an epic tale of computer coding, virtual reality and plenty of hacker status. First and foremost, the cover is so absolutely stunning, it just begs to be picked up and devoured. And devour is just what I did. Ladies and Gents, I give you Warcross meets The Circle. Think cyberpunk…ahh that glorious word. Hi-tech low-life. This is my happy place. As someone who doesn’t even understand a lick of computer coding and hacker life, I still find myself drawn to this type of world.

Ahmandi is an absolute genius for writing this story. I can’t seem to find enough stories like this. It’s not too far off – the cyberpunk world – vs our life today. Cyberpunk, if you will is a genre all of its own. A time set not too far off in the future where technology seems to rule. When iphones are considered dinosaur technology and virtual reality is every day life.

Everyone who knows me, knows how much Warcross stole my heart. I honestly never thought I’d find another book like it. However, Girl Gone Viral stepped up to the plate. Ahmandi took a big risk here and it payed off. I am absouluely astounded at just how much I loved this book. From incredible world building to character development, Girl Gone Viral is sure to hook you from the very first page.

Until next time hackers


Lena May


For seventeen-year-old Opal Hopper, code is magic. She builds entire worlds from scratch: Mars craters, shimmering lakes, any virtual experience her heart desires. 

     But she can’t code her dad back into her life. When he disappeared after her tenth birthday, leaving only a cryptic note, Opal tried desperately to find him. And when he never turned up, she enrolled at a boarding school for technical prodigies and tried to forget.

     Until now. Because WAVE, the world’s biggest virtual reality platform, has announced a contest where the winner gets to meet its billionaire founder. The same billionaire who worked closely with Opal’s dad. The one she always believed might know where he went. The one who maybe even murdered him.

     What begins as a small data hack to win the contest spirals out of control when Opal goes viral, digging her deeper into a hole of lies, hacks, and manipulation. How far will Opal go for the answers–or is it the attention–she’s wanted for years?


Arvin Ahmadi grew up outside Washington, DC. He graduated from Columbia University and has worked in the tech industry. When he’s not reading or writing books, he can be found watching late-night talk show interviews and editing Wikipedia pages. Down and Across is his first novel, followed by Girl Gone Viral.



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