Book Shenanigans

Hello bookworld! Guys, I feel like I haven’t posted a review in so long! I had a wonderful schedule going and then BAM! Life hit me right upside the face. (And it wasn’t even kind enough to use a book!).

So what, pray tell, have I been up to exactly? Because Kat, you can’t possibly be doing anything other than reading! Well, my lovely people…I started a business.

*drops mic*

Okay, okay not dropping anything (except the ball when it comes to reviews). But mostly, trying to start a small business from the ground up and with zero help, because let’s be real, I’m stubborn and want to do all the things on my own. But enough about that…let’s talk books!

Because, for the sake of being transparent, I have read some things. So let’s do this!

So first thing is … I hosted an annotated book Swap. Kat, an annotated book what?? That’s right, we picked a book to read and wrote in the pages!!! And as you can see, I painted the edges. I also did some fun decorating in the inside. But Holy Crap was this book AH-mazing. I did not expect to like it as much as I did! A bad ass female bounty hunter, video games, virtual reality and a villain you’ll love to hate. Need I say more?

Next I’ll tell you that I’m also involved in hosting a readathon – find it on Instagram using the hashtag #readwithacobaf – I am may or may not be failing the challenge but that’s neither here nor there. One of the prompts was to read a graphic novel so…I am working my way through this one! Very interesting indeed.

Simon and Schuster was kind enough to send me a press package for Queen if Air and Darkness. And while I haven’t had the time to read Lady of Midnight; I am digging this cover so much that I want to dive in. But the REAL reason is this……..

I decided to dive head first into the Throne of Glass series. Last month I binged A Court of Thorns and Roses and so it should be no real shock to y’all that this is finally happening. But Kat, this series has been out forever and your missing a book! Well, yes. It has and yes, I am. I finally finished book three and can you say Hello, Witchling? Manon gives me so much life. It’s safe to say I’m 100% obsessed with her. And to show you just how much… take a look at what I’ve been working on.

PhraseOlogy Boutique

And just for fun….

PhraseOlogy Boutique

So thank you all for joining me on my journey. I promise there will be some actual reviews coming up. I have a stack of ARCS to make my way through.




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