Go To My Grave – ARC Book Review

Lock it in a box, stitch my lips and go to my grave.

Every time I thought I had it figured out, I was dead wrong.



Go to My Grave: A Novel

Hello Lovelies!

I am excited to share with you a book being released October 23rd from Minotaur books titled Go To My Grave by Catriona McPherson.

Donna Weaver has created something straight out of her wildest dreams; a chic Bed and breakfast that cozy’s up to the beach front. While her mother is away, Donna is set to run a weekend getaway for some unique guests. From home baked pastries and creative dinners to turn down service with the works, Donna is prepared to do it all. That is, until one of her guests has broken a vow made years ago turning the weekend into a deadly game where someone is about to lose their life.

Y’all I couldn’t put this book down. I kept swearing I had it figured out. I knew what the secret was, I knew who did it and I knew who broke the promise to keep it quiet. But I was so, so very wrong. Every. Single. Time. It was so frustrating to keep being wrong but enthralling to know there were deeper secrets and stories than I could comprehend. Catriona McPherson is a brilliant writer and story teller.

I had some trouble following the dialogue at times because there were so many characters. But if I’m completely honest, that was my only issue with the book. Eventually it all worked out and it made complete sense why McPherson had created such a large and diverse band of characters.

There were times throughout this book that I questioned the main character, Donna. Was she sane? Was she lucid? What the hell is she doing? And then I found myself thinking about my own reactions if I were her. Would I feel sane, lucid? Would I do the same things? Maybe not…or maybe..maybe I would.

One more thing…I love the small touches and attention to detail involving the preparation of food. As a former pastry chef and aspiring business owner, these nuisances spoke straight to my little baker’s heart.

Thank you to Minotaur Books for providing me with and advanced readers copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

Publication Date: October 23rd 2018

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