The Exes Revenge – Book Review 4/5

The Exes Revenge by Jo Jakeman

Published by Berkley

Published on 9/11/2018


The Exes Revenge is a horrifying tale of heartbreak, deceit, and revenge. This is one of those stories that begins at the end. It starts with a funeral and three women: the ex, ex wife, the current (almost divorced) wife and the new girlfriend-soon-to-be-wife. Phillip is a terrible husband and even worse man and now he’s dead. The question remains, how did he die and whose fault was it?

Ever hear that song from the Dixie Chicks? Goodbye Earl? That’s what this book reminded me of. While there were no huge surprises and the timeline was a bit messy, this was still a great book that I didn’t put down until I had concrete answers.

I don’t think this is as much of a thriller as I’d been expecting. I really enjoy those “what the hell?” moments. But…for anyone who enjoys a good story about revenge and karma….you’ll probably enjoy this a whole heck of a lot.


Lena May.

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