When Elephants Fly – Book Review

When Elephants Fly

by Nancy Richardson Fischer

Published By; Harlequin Teen

Published on September 4th 2018

5/5 Stars


When Elephants Fly Book Review

I’ve been sitting here staring at my laptop for far too long, trying to find the words to properly convey to you just how incredible this story is. I had no idea what I was in for when I picked up When Elephants Fly. I had no idea just how invested in this story I would become. And I most certainly had no idea that I would spend my entire day, holed up in my bedroom, pouring my emotions all over this book.
What would you do if your schizophrenic mother tried to murder you when you were just seven years old? How would you live your life, knowing that you were in emanate danger of becoming just as mentally unstable as your mother?
T. Lily Decker has a 12-year plan; a carefully thought out set of rules to keep her sanity intact for as long as possible. Don’t do drugs, avoid caffeine, no boyfriends, and absolutely no boyfriends or chance of love. When Lily goes out to cover a story for the newspaper she interns for, she has no idea her life is about to change. Lily witnesses a mamma elephant attempt to kill her three week old calf, Swifty. Swifty is in danger of dying from grief and Lily isn’t sure she can abandon the story. But doing so means she’s risking her 12-year plan and triggering schizophrenia.
I am still truly astounded at the quality of writing, impeccable story telling and brilliance of When Elephants Fly. While I have never dealt with this particular mental illness, I have battled my own. Anxiety, depression, PTSD and borderline agoraphobia all come with their own special set of obstacles. No matter what a person’s illness may be (physical or mental) no two people will experience it the same. That being said, Fischer has breached a topic here that needs to be discussed, written and read about more often, especially for young adults. This is truly important for our young readers (and our older ones).
I discussed in a previous tweet about how important it is for people with disabilities to be seen. (You can read about the book I am referring to here) I believe to be even more true for those with invisible illnesses. Aside from the mental illnesses I battle, there is also a laundry list full of other things I’ve been diagnosed with; things that are not seen by looking at me most days. Every time I read a book that goes behind the scenes of a disability, I feel like it’s another win for those of us that live that life. This feels like victory and for that I am eternally grateful for authors such as Fischer and the publishers that believe in them.
On that note, I want to thank Harlequin Teen for sending me an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review. To add this to your shelf on goodreads just click the button below and to pre-order or purchase this book, click on the title at the top of this post.
Lena May
When Elephants Fly Book Review
When Elephants Fly

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