Book Mail and Soap Gate

What is soap gate?

Why should I care?

Maybe you already know what soapgate is or maybe you’re here because when you googled it, you still came up empty handed. Maybe all you could find were tweets about soapprises and people wanting to burn their eyeballs. Or just maybe you’re here by accident. In that case I’m sorry not sorry.

Long version short, a book subscription box decided to put out an 18+ smut box and with it came phallic shaped soap….with a suction cup. People were a mix of outraged and hysterical over this soap. The real issue is that they bound fan fiction and included it in the box….which if I’m not mistaken is highly illegal not to mention extremely immoral.

So why am I here talking about soapgate?

A Court of Thorns and Roses – ACOTAR


On Monday, I ordered the entire ACOTAR series. I have been looking for a new and fully completed fantasy series to read. Several people suggested it, I had the money, I bought it.

And then yesterday I fell head first down the soapgate rabbit hole. Thanks to one of my favorite fantasy authors Audrey Coulthurst – I couldn’t stop reading. Find the tweet that grabbed my attention Here.

ACOTAR Book Review?


I’m determined to not say one way or another whether I believe ACOTAR belongs in the YA category until I’ve read the entire series!

Book Mail

In other news…I snagged a couple more books I’ve been dying to read

So tell me; have you read ACOTAR? What are your thoughts on who it’s marketed towards? Does soapgate offend you? Thoughts on selling fan-fic? Let’s discuss

14 thoughts on “Book Mail and Soap Gate

  1. lauregalie says:

    I think that the company went a little bit too far with the whole box. Basically a lot of people focus so much on the smutty aspect of this book, that they forget that it’s not the most important part of the book. Still, I am not offended. I found this whole thing to be kind of funny. And if I found a penis shaped soap in my book box or an awful dirty note from Rhysand it would be hilarious to me.

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    • Lena May says:

      Thank you for your input! It’s hard for me mostly because I haven’t read the books…but the company did specify 18 and over and that it was NSFW…so I don’t know why people are so up in arms about THAT part!


      • lauregalie says:

        Maybe it’s because a lot of teens are reading these books? I mean, technically they are NA, not YA and they have Mature Content Warnings. But teenagers are still reading and loving them. So even though this box is 18+ I am sure a lot of younger people got it. My only concern is that those soaps had suction cups on them. I am afraid someone might put it in a place where soap should never, ever be.

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  2. Erin @readingwithwrin says:

    Personally, I always felt that the ACOTAR series was more NA than YA. Each book has gotten smuttier since the first one. Especially the third one which at times I just got so frustrated with because of how the storyline just seemed to drop in favor of sex all the time. That’s just my opinion though and I know a lot of people disagree with it.
    I do think a warning should have come with the box as it was meant to be a YA box meant for teenagers originally or at least that’s how they’ve always been marketed before.

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  3. Lucy Grove-Jones says:

    I have not read the books. I’ve heard about soapgate, and I can’t help but find it hilarious. Everything about it, but particularly that’s it’s soap (like, why not candy or something more fun?). Probably that’s my immature sense of humour showing though.

    That said, selling fanfic *is* an issue. It’s annoying the soap situation has drawn attention from that aspect of the box.

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