Book Signing and Shenanigans

Yesterday was a brilliant day that included meeting up with a fellow bibliophile for Colleen Hoover’s book signing event.

K and I met online, in my book group. We’ve chatted pretty causally and I really felt like we had a budding friendship. I had no idea that…how’d she say it? “She’s my spirit animal”. This girl is just as unabashed and kooky as I am and I freaking love her for it.

So…we met up for breakfast at this amazing and chic little crepe house. Delicious! And we played around at several stores, parading around and gawking at $1500 art on the walls. But the bulk of our day was spent in the book store. Seriously, I don’t know how we didn’t just buy every book made ever. Oh wait, we don’t have an endless supply of cash…that’s how.

And then this happened. I finally got to meet Colleen Hoover and we made each other cry…okay no…I made us emotional…my fault. But it’s her fault for writing a book that broke me in half but also helped me heal.

I can tell you that almost all of her books are this exact way. They will shred you to pieces and then slowly put you back together. But just like Humpty Dumpty….a cracked heart can never be the same as it once was.

Don’t mind my face as I try to put my emotions in check for a photo op.



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