Believe Me – Book review

Believe Me by J. P Delaney

Publisher : Ballentine Books

Published July 24th 2018


Believe Me is a stunning psychological thriller that will leave you gasping for breath until the very last page! It is not very often that I can’t pick up on the foreshadowing or just see right through plot twists. However, this book had me so completely engrossed that I wasn’t sure what was happening until it was over.

J. P. Delaney’s Believe Me takes you on a journey (or a rollercoaster that malfunctions at the top, leaving your feet dangling over the edge and a scream caught in your throat before it pummels to the earth) with Claire and her quest to find the truth about a murder victim. As an actress she goes undercover for the police but finds herself so caught up in the role that it becomes hard to differentiate from what is the character she’s playing and her real self.

I’m still shaking inside trying to wrap my head around how this novel played out. The writing is brilliant, the twists are shocking and the characters are well developed; everything you could ask for!

I was offered an advanced reader copy of Believe Me from netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

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