Shadow of the Fox – Book Review 4/5

Shadow of the Fox by Julie Kagawa

Published on October 2nd 2018

Published by Harlequin Teen


The amazing Julie Kagawa, author of the Iron Fey series, brings to light a new tale of fantasy, magic and creatures in Shadow of the Fox.

I had no idea what I was in for when I requested to read Shadow of the Fox from Edelweiss. I had yet to read Julie Kagawa’s other books, although I’m slowly collecting the Iron Fey series. There is so much beautiful imagery written within the pages of this story.

I have slowly begun to burn out on young adult fantasy books; there seems to be less and less originality among them. However, Kagawa did something entirely new here. Japanese folklore seems to be an untouched subject and something I haven’t had the pleasure of reading.

I loved the tale and the characters. There was enough depth and mystery combined to keep me entertained throughout. Kagawa’s writing style flows effortlessly despite my confusion in the beginning of the book. It took me a couple chapters to get the hang of the back and forth narrative. Also, there was enough use of certain Japanese words that kept me slightly detached from the story. I hope that the finished book may include a glossary of terms – I think it would help tremendously.

I adored Yumeko’s character and her naïveté. She was a fun little thing the actually made me laugh out loud on occasion. Her counterpart on the other hand, well I hope to get to know him better in the next book.

I think at some point I’ll have to actually start reading the Iron Fey because I quite enjoyed this book from Julie Kagawa.


Lena May

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