Me and Me – Book Review 3/5

Me and Me by Alice Kuipers

Published on October 2nd 2018

Published by Kids Can Press


Imagine your world flipped upside down when two very different people you care about are both in peril. In a split second you can only save one of them…which do you choose. This is the scenario our main character, Lark, finds herself in. When a child is facedown in the water and her potential love interest hits his head and begins to drown, Lark must decide who to save. When she makes the decision, her world splits in two and she’s unable to decipher which is reality.

This is a very fast paced and short book. The writing style isn’t complicated and it’s fairly easy to follow once you realize how the narrative changes. I really enjoyed the premise of the story, as I’ve often thought about the possibility of parallel lives. Every decision we make, there’s another version of ourselves making a very different decision. How life plays out is dependent upon the choice made. Of course, these are silly fantasies/musings of someone who reads too much a lot.

My issue with the story, and what knocks a couple stars off for me, is the fact that Lark even considers saving a teenage boy over a little, helpless child. Instinct is almost always to save a child. Having been in a situation where my 5 year old daughter and I almost drowned…I can honestly say that the three other adults ALL dove in to save my child. I wouldn’t have had it any other way, my point is: the plot is slightly unbelievable.

That said, it’s still a touching story that might make you look at your decision making a tad differently.


Lena May

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