No Sad Songs – Book Review 5/5

No Sad Songs by Frank Morelli

Published 2/20/2018

Published by Fish Out of Water


Franks Blog

When I saw the blurb for No Sad Songs, I hesitated. When the author, Frank Morelli, offered to send an arc, I hesitated. And when I read the first page, again I hesitated. Then I thought about, truly thought about it. Didn’t I owe it to the author AND myself to actually read this book?

This book…full of heavy hitting material that follows a high school boy who has to care for his ailing grandfather cursed with Alzheimer’s. This book, which tells of a boy who lost his parents and has a long lost uncle just show up to the funeral after years of being out of the picture. And this book, which hits so damn close to home I want to scream.

But I read, I hesitated and I then I kept reading. No Sad Songs shows the reality of Alzheimer’s and just how difficult it can be for the family members who care for one that’s been inflicted with this awful disease. Frank Morelli portrays the raw, gut-wrenching truth of what caregivers experience, as well as what they sacrifice. There is nothing funny about this disease but there were a few moments that I chuckled, being able to look back at what we experience within my own family.

You see, my nana has Alzheimer’s and it is so God-dammned unfair. This woman has always been at the peak of physical health and quick witted and we are watching her disappear. My mother is her sole caregiver, bless her heart, especially on the days my nana calls her daughter “mamma”. I may also have a POS family member in the picture that fits the MC’s uncle to a “T”.

Even if you are not directly affected by Alzheimer’s or dementia…I encourage you to pick this book up, it may help you empathize with someone in your life. Or maybe you are up close and personal with the disease and have kids … young people could really learn from this story…there is compassion to be learned within the depths of this book.


Lena May

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