Caged – Book Review 5/5

Caged by Ellison Cooper

Published on July 10th 2018

Publisher : Minotaur Books


My exact words after reading the last page of Caged were, “oh what the ****!” And then “Holy Hell…..” as my jaw hit the floor. I’m still not sure I’m quite calm enough to write this review, but alas I shall try.

There is a pleasant mix of darkness, horror and mystery all jam packed into the pages of this book. Often times I find myself yearning for more of the dark and dirty details in murder mysteries, but that is absolutely not the case here; Ellison Cooper did not leave anything to the imagination.

Cooper has a unique voice that is solid throughout the story. I genuinely appreciated the strong female lead character here; a special agent with a knack for her job that’s unlike most. The neuroscience background is beautifully portrayed and played in the background of my mind while I tried to solve the case.

The cast of characters has a nice blend of functionality and intrigue. There are enough components to each person to really draw you in without being overzealous. There’s a healthy amount of personality traits reflected to make you really connect with at least one character here; for me there were several.

Caged really toyed with my emotions as I hunted the serial killer. I had theories and none of them were spot on. I seemed to just miss the mark, which made this even more of a puzzling mystery. I hated and loved every minute of this book.

Now, please, can I have another book in this series?



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