The Benefits of Being an Octopus πŸ™

The Benefits of being an Octopus by Ann Braden

Published by Sky Pony Press

Published on September 4th 2018


Let me preface this review by saying I solely read this book because it had “octopus” in the title. Seriously, I didn’t read the description, I didn’t look up the author…I just dove in because …. octopus.

It’s a thing…me and octopuses. Yes, octopuses.

My dad was a scuba diver and we shared a love for all things octopus. My collection is more extensive than my tattoos.

Now…this book. The Benefits of Being an Octopus is a middle grade book – a book I normally have no business reading. Except that now I’m looking for new books for my daughter to read. And maybe in a year or two she’ll be ready for this.

“Sometimes you just need something solid that fits entirely in your hand.” Probably my favorite quote in this book…this one sentence holds so much depth. Especially for a story about an awkward seventh grade girl who is juggling taking care of her three younger siblings, trying not to be noticed at school, and being part of a debate club she has zero interest in.

“Octopuses have three hearts and all of mine are broken.” This. I will warn you that if you have strong feelings about gun laws this may not be the book for you. While it isn’t the center of the book, it still holds a place within the story. For me, I absolutely love the direction it went. I appreciate Ann Braden’s attempt at showing another side to a hot button topic.

“Sometimes if you don’t have a jacket and you’re sitting next to someone who does, you feel colder. But sometimes, if the right person is wearing it, you feel warmer.” All. The. Feels. There are some amazing quotes in this story and so much to be taken away from it. It’s possible that I could read this story several times and take away something new each time. I truly believe middle grade children can benefit from reading a book about speaking out, even when it’s scary or difficult.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher and netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

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