Alias – Book Review 4/5

Alias by Cari Hunter

Published by Bold Stokes Books

Published on June 12th 2018


By now y’all know how much I love a good lesbian main character. You may also know I’m particularly harsher on my reviews of these stories. That is because I want, no need, them to feel real. Even in a fantasy book (which this is not), I need a queer MC to be authentic. This is because so often growing up, I’d read stories – always with heterosexual characters – and kind of role my eyes. I could only relate to that type of person on a superficial level. But I never had the type of queer story I so often craved, even if I wasn’t aware of it.

That said, Alias is a pretty wonderful story. When a woman wakes up from a car crash with zero recollection of who she is and a dead woman beside her, she’s left with a bus pass and an unlikely friend in Detective Pryce. Together the two women have to work to uncover the truth, even when it may not be what they hope to find.

The two characters were easy enough to like and even relate to. The story itself was quick paced and easy to follow. There were moments when my heart raced right along with the story, not really sure where it was going to take me. Cari Hunter’s writing is eloquent and smooth making this a fairly effortless read.

I’m giving it four stars (wishing I could give 4.5) only because I wished for more depth to Detective Pryce’s character. It would have made me commit to the story just a bit more, making this an unforgettable story.

If your looking for a quick, no holds barred, lesbian thriller, I encourage you to give Alias a shot. My opinion is my own and I thank the publisher and netgalley for the opportunity to read this story.


Lena May

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