Sadie – book review 5/5

Sadie by Courtney Summers

Published by Wednesday Books

Published on September 4th 2018

320 pages


“If she dies, she takes the truth with her.” This quote, taken straight from the cover sums up the entire book.

Courtney Summers creates a beautiful novel that has her readers racing to find Sadie before it’s too late. Alternating narratives between Sadie and a podcast host, West McCray, I did not want to put this down. My eyes grew heavy with sleep around 1 am and I had to relent. Ironically, while I was struggling between the decision to keep reading or give into my exhaustion, Sadie was also crossing the threshold of having to let her body and mind rest before continuing on her journey. I dreamt restlessly all night, creating my own endings to this story because I really had no idea how it was going to end.

Sadie’s journey is about bringing her 13 year old sister’s murderer to justice. After living a pretty rough life and being her sister’s caregiver, Sadie takes matters into her own hands when she’s believes the police have failed. While Sadie tells of her quest to find the murderer, West is on the hunt to find her after she’s reported missing. Sadie leaves a trail of breadcrumbs, although unintentionally, that has West scrambling for answers.

The podcast is what really makes this book stand out. You can’t help but feel that adrenaline rush, willing the podcast host to catch up with Sadie. But it seems like she’s always just out of West’s reach. Can he find her before it’s too late? Or will Sadie disappear forever?

Sadie is a brilliant thriller, told in a new and unexpected way. Courtney Summers outdid herself here. I hope to read more from her in the future.


Lena May

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