The Cake Book Tag

Okay former pastry chef and cake decorator here so how could I possibly pass this up? I found this tag from this awesome book blog . It was originally created by Cait @ Paper Fury . I’m going to make it a bit more me so I’m only using books I’ve read this year.

Chocolate Cake– a dark book you absolutely love

The Caraval series is dark and a bit twisted but I love falling into the world that Stephanie Garber has created.

Vanilla – a light read

This was a random library find – finished in about two hours but absolutely loved every moment of it.

Red Velvet – a book that gave you mixed emotions

I mean…it’s about the Holocaust so yeah mixed emotions about sums it up. Absolutely brilliant though and I read it with my nine year old daughter.

Cheesecake – a book you would recommend to anyone

I loved this movie so much that I kept putting off reading the book but damn if I’m not glad I finally did.

Coffee cake – a book you started but never finished

I wanted to love this as much as I Love Kendrick but I just couldn’t get through it.

Carrot cake – a book with great writing

Anything Colleen Hoover writes is brilliantly done. Always with twists you don’t see coming.

Tiramisu – a book that left you wanting more

I’ve talked about his book several times. I’m dying for the sequel and Hoping people will pick this up so that we can get book two done.

Cupcakes – a series with 4+ books

I’ve been slow long reading this 50+ book series. Who knows if I’ll ever finish.

Fruit cake – a book that wasn’t what you were anticipating

I wasn’t sure I was going to like this one but a couple chapters in and I was hooked.

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