My Blog Name in Books

Okay so up until now I’ve only posted reviews here but I’d like to change it up a little today and give you some of my favorite books that correspond with my name. So here goes :

L – Legendary (book 2 of the Caraval series) This series quickly became one of my favorite ya fantasy books and if you pick up Caraval you will know why. Just look at the reviews out there!

E – Everything Everything – okay I’ll admit I only read the book AFTER the movie previews were released. But I’m so glad I did. This book has a surprise ending

N – November 9 – because hello Colleen Hoover. I’ve loved almost every book of hers I’ve gotten my hands on. Her books are always full of twists and are almost guaranteed to make you cry!

A – Ash I have to mention this book because I don’t feel like it’s gotten enough love. It was such a brilliant story – check out my review – and I was desperate to get book two until I realized it hadn’t ever been written! Insert sad face emoji here.

M – Mechanica – a beautiful retelling of Cinderella with a steampunk twist. Two of my favorite things packed into one book! Yes please.

A – Angelfall – the first book in a trilogy of angels and humans like you’ve never seen before!

Y – okay I can’t find a book to fit this so I’m giving you a freebie – check out Onyx Webb – can you say soap opera ghost stories?

B – Bright Side – the only book I’ve read multiple times – I read it every year on my fathers birthday. This book has saved me from myself every year on this sad day.

O – Of Fire and Stars – an amazing YA Fantasy story for anyone but especially gay teen girls or adult gay women who’ve looked for a book like this their whole lives.

O – (The) Obsession – Nora Roberts brings us an epic thriller here

K – (another letter for which I have no book) So without further ado I give you B. A. Paris and her three amazing books

S – Simon vs the Homosapien Agenda – a wonderful coming of age book about friendship, love, and coming out.



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