Caraval has ended and Donatella Dragna (Tella) has finally succeeded in saving her sister Scarlett and getting them both away from their abusive father. Anything seems possible but the magic of Caraval has quickly faded. Tella isn’t done; she naively made a deal with a mysterious “friend” who wants something no one is able to aquire, Master Legend’s true identity. The only way Tella can fathom uncovering this truth is to win Caraval. Once more she finds herself swept up in the crazy game that makes reality and magic hard to distinguish. If Tella can not succeed, she’s about to lose everything, including her life. But if she does, Caraval may cease to exist.

Stephanie Garber had done it again. She has beautifully portrayed a world of mystery and magic; of real vs fantasy. It had been quite some time since I had read Caraval but I fell head first into this sequel. From the very first page to the last, I kept wondering how far Garber would go to suck her readers in. I was not disappointed! Throughout the book, the reader follows Tella on a quest for clues while trying to discern what is part of the magic of Caraval and what is quite literally life or death.

Legendary will make you question your own morals. How far would you go to save someone you barley even know? What if you were given an ultimatum and had to choose between two people you love? While Legendary is a fantastic work of fiction, if you dive a bit deeper, you can discover quite a bit more about morals, values and how you would face difficult decisions. I can only hope that this series will continue on and we will be blessed with a book three.

I received a copy of Legendary for an honest review. These opinions are 
solely mine and do not reflect that of the author or publisher nor are they
influenced by the opportunity to read this book early.

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