Ash : A Destined Novel #1

Ash by Shani Petroff and Darci Manley

Published by Polis Books

March 2015


Divergent meets Hunger Games in this thrilling dystopian novel. That being said, I haven’t actually READ the Divergent series, but the movies count. Only for this post, I promise! In a world where everyone’s destiny is determined within minutes of their birth, Ash is the lowest ring in the society and Purple is the highest. Madden Summer is the up and coming minister of the seven and top leading a brilliant purple life. However Dax Harris isn’t only and Ash but a blank…someone with no destiny and one that’s costing her family in taxes and status. These two worlds collide in a series of unfortunate circumstances…or is it destiny?

Have you ever read the first book in a series and than played the waiting game for book two? It’s the worst. Strike that…the worst thing happened to me after I read Ash…I can’t even find book two! UltraViolet is currently out of print and impossible to find anywhere. I don’t hand out the five star reviews often but Ash definitely deserves it. And now I’m curled in the fetal position, sucking my thumb because I can’t get my hands on book two. Okay…yes I’m being mellow dramatic but it’s THAT good. Im hoping one of the authors/publishers will take pity on me and help me out here.

Seriously, go grab a copy of Ash and if you happen to find UltraViolet….come talk to me. I might sell my soul for it.

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