Smoke Thieves

The Smoke Thieves by Sally Green

Publisher – Viking

May 1 2018


A pair of demon hunters, a thief, a traitor, a princess and a prince, a tyrant king, and two brothers set on revenge. Smoke Thieves brings all of these people together in a captivating story about four nations divided in conflict. This is the ultimate story of war, unrequited love, and the journey to self discovery.

Sally Green has created a world unlike any other. There are four nations that are all vastly different, from Brigant – a country that prides its self on war tactics and sheer muscle and tyranny to Pitoria where men and women dance and show off their allegiance to their king by dying their hair to show their nation’s colors.

The world isn’t all that is exceptional in The Smoke Thieves. The characters too, are unmatched to any I’ve ever come across. Tash, a thirteen year old demon hunter stole the show upon the first chapter. She’s quick witted and a tad bit of a brat but she is also strong and easy to like. However, the story moves back and forth between characters and I quickly found myself vying to know more about Princess Catherine and where her story would lead as she found herself in love with a traitor but also holding strong in her duty to marry Prince Tzsayan. And if that wasn’t enough, Edyon and his unique take on life along with his queer tendencies kept me reading until the very last page.

I don’t hand out five star reviews to fantasy books often. It seems to me that most of them are all very similar but that is not the case with The Smoke Thieves. Miss Green’s idea is one of a kind. At first I was a bit put off by the constant change of Point of View, however as the story kept going it became more of a need to know how each character was connected. I highly recommend this book to all fantasy readers and I impatiently await the release of book number two.

I received a copy of The Smoke Thieves from First To Read in an exchange for my honest review. The opinions above are my own and in no way reflect those of the author, publisher or anyone involved in the making of this book.

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