Jar of Hearts will leave you breathless

Jar of Hearts By; Jennifer Hillier

St Martian’s Press

Minotaur Books

June 12 2018


Angela Wong, Kaiser Brody and Georgina Wong: three unlikely characters all connected by friendship and murder. At just 16 years old Angela Wong disappears without a trace. Her best friends Geo (Georgina) and Kaiser are shook by the event. For one of them, life goes on. For the other, something else entirely. 14 years later Angela’s remains are found under a shallow grave near Geo’s childhood home. Kaiser discovers the truth, that she was murdered by Geo’s first love: Calvin James. And Geo had kept a dirty secret for 14 years that lands her in prison. Five years after her release more bodies start turning up making sure that Geo and Calvin’s past doesn’t stay buried. How many lies does a person have to tell to continue with a lie told over a decade ago and how far is a person willing to go to keep that lie hidden?

Jar of Hearts is a riveting story that you won’t be able to put down. Just when you think you know what is going to happen, Jennifer Hillier takes you further into this dark web of lies and secrecy she’s created. “There’s a hero and a villain and sometimes they are the same person.” This statement has never rang more true in a murder mystery/thriller setting. You may think you have all the answers but you don’t!

Jennifer Hillier created a simple world physically; one that’s easy to submerse yourself in, especially if you’re familiar with the Pacific Northwest. While most of what’s she’s created is just that, a creation, it still felt as if it was absolutely a real world within Washington state. That said, the complexity of her characters and emotions is enthralling. I couldn’t help but fall in so deep into the throws of this story that I’m left feeling a little jarred. (Pardon the pun). I need more of what is going on inside of Hillier’s mind…more books to come I can only hope!

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review. The above are my opinions and do not reflect that of the author, publisher or netgalley.

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