Undead Girl Gang

Mila and her best friend Riley are inseparable. In their small town of Cross Creek, there isn’t much in the way of excitement. That is, until two girl are found dead, in what appears to be a suicide pact. So naturally when Riley is found dead a week later, everyone assumes she was part of the same pact. Everyone that is except Mila. When an ancient grimoire appears at Mila and Riley’s hangout, Mila can only assumes it’s a sign so she sets off on a mission to bring her best friend back from the dead. However, inadvertently Mila brings back all three dead high school girls who can’t remember their murders. Can Mila get them to focus before their seven days of undead life are up?

Undead Girl Gang is a quirky story of an unlikely group of girls. From the rebel Mila to the egotistical June and Dayton, this book is pact full of humor and some dazzling eye rolling moments. Who knew Wicca could be so entertaining? Mila is a like-able enough character, even though she’s not so popular among her peers. There are plenty of mesmerizing quotes throughout the pages of Undead Girl Gang that you might just latch onto and keep them for life.

There were moments in the book that drug on a bit for me and it took me a bit longer than usual to get through the story in it’s entirety. While it isn’t my usual genre, I think for those that it is, this YA Mystery will be right up their ally.

I was offered a digital copy of this book from First to Read. The opinions above are my own and are no way affected by me receiving a copy of this book and do not reflect that of the publisher, author or anyone else involved in the production.

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