Set in a apocalyptic/post apocalyptic world, Survival brings together two unlikely characters who both seek the truth. Ava wants to know what happened to her sister who disappeared and is sure is has to do with the Scylla Corporation. Meanwhile, Valerie has part of the truth of the going’s on at Scylla, buried 25 stories underground. “Ignorance is cheap. Then it costs you everything.”

Rachel Watts has brought beautiful imagery to a post apocalyptic time. She has pieced together such an effortless world with characters who fit right in. From the moment I read the prologue, I knew I’d have to keep reading until I had closure. Survival kept me turning the page until the very end.

I only wish that the story was a bit longer and that Watts would have fed her readers more details on the characters themselves. There was so much thought put into the world she built, I longed to have a more intimate connection with Ava, Valerie and the rest. I believe more could have come from this story but I do hope that there will be another book to follow.

I was offered a digital copy of Survival in exchange for a fair review. These opinions are my own and no way influenced by the author, publisher, or anyone affiliated with this book.

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