Rise of the Hearts

Nathaniel has led a pretty unremarkable life; unlucky in friends, unlucky in love and just plain unlucky in life. Between being bullied in high school and being used in collage it seems he will never be truly happy. Until he’s offered the chance to attract the girl of his dreams. He jumps at the chance before realizing that the consequences could be dire. Is this blessing really a curse?

Rise of Hearts held so much promise and the story line had great intent. However the writing was rushed, the dialog forced and the characters were impossible to relate with. The point of the story seemed to drag on for ages and never quite got there for me.

The writing jumped all over the place and left me wondering what the author was trying to achieve. There were moments of awkward sexual encounters that border sexual assault as well as a unbelievable suicide attempts. The authors veiled attempt at writing a thriller story very widely missed the mark.

I was offered a digital copy of Rise of Hearts in exchange for a fair review. These opinions are my own and no way influenced by the author, publisher, or anyone affiliated with this book.

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