Scarborough Fair

Upon taking a vacation with her mother, Rose meets a boy named Dan. Together they end up fighting for their lives at Scarborough Fair when Dan’s father ends up the focus of two shady criminals. Through a course of events, Rose’ adventure soon ties into Alice’s disappearance from 1899. Alice’s jealous fiancé found a way to make her vanish from Scarborough and leave everyone mystified.

Margarita Morris created a fun atmosphere in Scarborough Fair. From arcades to the beautiful seaside to an insane asylum, this book depicts a lovely scene. The characters are even easy to like and follow their story. I’ll even say the two story lines tied in to each other quite seamlessly.

That being said, the writing is amateur at best and was lacking a certain voice to make the story line flow along. While this story may be fit for a younger crowd who could over look the writing errors, it wasn’t the right fit for me. As a lover of asylums, fairs and carnivals, I was hoping for so much more from this book.

I was offered a digital copy of Scarborough fair in exchange for a fair review. These opinions are my own and no way influenced by the author, publisher, or anyone affiliated with this book.

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