Only Daughter

3/5 Stars
Only Daughter
by Anna Snoekstra
published by Harlequin (US & Canada) 
Pub Date 20 Sep 2016

 In the year 2003 a sixteen-year-old Rebecca Winters has a pretty normal teenage life. She’s working at a fast food restaurant, shop lifting with her best friend and enjoying the company of boys. That is until she starts blacking out and bizarre things start happening around her; the blood in her room, people acting strange and the sense that someone is watching her. Yet none of these things alert her to an impending doom.

A little over a decade later Rebecca is replaced. A woman who is so desperate to avoid being arrested claims to be the missing girl from eleven years ago. The new Bec takes over a stranger’s life and seems to have no trouble fitting in at all. She plays with her twin brothers, hugs the mom and crushes on her best friend’s boyfriend. However, the new Bec soon realizes she’s being followed and whoever played a part in the real Rebecca’s disappearance is still at large and she’s in real danger.

Only daughter is a mix of psychological and sociopathic craziness. I picked this book up and didn’t do anything until I turned the very last page. I had absolutely no idea “who-dunnit” and I suspected everybody. The characters were very well developed and the plot was sound.

The only issue I had was the lack of explanation at the very end. I feel that the author rushed the ending and I would have preferred more analysis of the psychological aspect of a few characters.

If you’re ready for a quick and twisty thriller, Only Daughter awaits you.

Thank you to netgalley for this book in exchange for an honest review

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