4/5 Stars


By; Miranda Beverly-Whittemore

Published by Crown

Published on May 31st, 2016

June is a brilliant story that alternates between the past and the present. In 2015 Cassie is on a hunt for the truth; what secrets had her grandmother hid from her? How did she become an heir to over thirty million dollars? Why had a man she’d never met name Cassie his sole heir? How did this man’s two daughters find their way into Cassie’s deteriorating mansion? In 1955, June and Lindie find themselves in the middle of plenty of scandalous events, which lead to a connection that will affect Cassie sixty years later.

I absolutely adored reading June. The varying stories, from past to present, alternated so eloquently. Whenever the story flipped back to the past, it put me in exactly the spot I needed to be as to not disconnect me from the story. Miranda Beverly-Whittemore delivered a vibrant world both in 2015 and in 1955. The parts of the story set in the past, have me yearning to have lived in that time period. Whittemore graces the reader with stunning imagery while invoking intense emotions throughout each phase of the book.

I had my theories as to what was going to happen by the end of the book. A few of them were correct, a few dead wrong, but there were also things that I NEVER saw coming. Looking back, I should have been aware, as Whittemore did a striking job foreshadowing the events that were to take place.

I encourage you to pick up June and follow Cassie Danvers on her journey to seek out the truth. Can you find the truth before she does?

Thank you to blogging for books for a copy of June in exchange for an honest review.

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