Dark Matter

5/5 Stars
Blake Crouch
Published By; Crown
Published on July 26, 2016

Imagine your life is everything you had ever dreamed. You’re married to an amazing partner, you have a son together and your job, while it isn’t much, it’s enough. You’re happy, if nothing else. Now think about the lengths you’d go to keep that part of your life. What would you do if suddenly you were abducted and beaten unconscious? When you wake up, your strapped to a table, in a room you’ve never seen before and welcomed by a man who calls you friend, though you’ve never laid eyes on him before.

This is precisely what happens to Jason Desson. When he wakes up, the world he’s in is not his world. He’s not married, his son doesn’t exist and he doesn’t even work at the same job. His house doesn’t even look like his house. Struggling to find which world is a dream world and which is his reality, Jason has to face the darkest parts of himself. Even he isn’t sure what lengths he’d go to get his family back.

Dark Matter is a brilliant sci-fi thriller that will make you question your own reality. How far are you willing to stretch your mind to find the truth? Blake Crouch is undeniably a magnificent writer who will leave your head spinning in this dazzling tale of one man’s journey to discover the truth.  

I received a copy of this book from blogginforbooks in exchange for an honest review.

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