Onyx Webb: Book 5

5/5 Stars

Onyx Webb Book Five

By; Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton 

Onyx Webb fights to keep her lighthouse, (the only really good investment from her late husband Ulrich) Koda has a bizarre accident that leaves the Mulvaney family in an uproar and Sister Katherine reappears. If that wasn’t enough; get a glimpse at Juniper Cole, follow Stan Lee’s story and find out the truth behind Mika.

Author’s Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton are back again, with the fifth installment of Onyx Webb. If you’re here and have no idea what’s going on, I suggest you check out my review of book one. In my review of book two, I stated that I was late to the party and how thankful I was not to have to wait for the next book. In my review of book three, I wanted at curse while awaiting the arrival of the next book. I mentioned in book four’s review that I was going to take my time reading book five; I lied.

I flew through book five today and I’m not ready to let go. Waltz and Fenton continue to give us a world of billionaires, ghosts, serial killers and a hint of romance. With every turn of a page, the web of connections between characters draws you in farther. I am truly astounded at how in depth the story lines of seemingly unconnected characters, goes. Waltz and Fenton are brilliant writers and have proven, once again, at how well thought out this series is.

This captivating world is full of suspense, mystery and plenty of shock factors. More loose ends are tied up in this fifth slice of Onyx Webb. However, the authors promised in book one that they would leave you with unanswered questions that would have you hanging off the edge of your seat; book five is no exception. I’m dying to get into book six.

Thank you to the authors for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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