Tales of the Murderous Southern Belle – Review

5/5 Stars

Tales of the Murderous Southern Belle

By, J.F Fleming

In a small Mississippi town, Ellanece Mosley makes her debut as a house flipping realtor. She fronts as a proper southern lady, but in truth, she’s a murdering lunatic. Having gotten away with one murder, Ellanece knows she needs to find a new town and soon. She quickly sets out to hire help in order to finish the remodel of her Victorian style home in a timely manner. Enter Justin Howard who swiftly falls for Ellanece’s charms, unaware of her sinful nature. Will he be her next victim or will he take the fall for her crimes? Can the detectives of Mississippi’s police force find the truth or will Ellanece walk away unscathed?

Tales of the Murderous Southern Belle has everything you need for an enticing murder read. You have a gorgeous, deadly southern lady, a contractor with a rockin body and a detective determined to find the truth (and of course, lots of murder). One thing you know for certain upon entering the world created by author J.F. Fleming, is that Ellanece Mosely is a cold hearted, murderous, bitch. What you don’t know is how she gets away with it and if justice is ever served.

Although this story is quite far from my general genre comfort zone, I was quite pleased with the overall story. Fleming created a world that was easy to fall into. His characters were well defined and so easy to love (or hate). I can honestly say I had no idea how the story would end until I reached the final page. I had no clear guesses, which makes reading a story like this so much more delightful. Mystery, murder and sex; what more could a reader want?


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