Onyx Webb: Book 4

5/5 Stars
Onyx Webb
By Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton

Have you been following the Onyx Webb story? Have you figured out just how connected Onyx Webb is to a series of characters over a vast time period that spreads out over decades? How about the guy whose murdering girls, think you have him pinned down? The fourth installment of Onyx Webb gives us the biggest surprises yet.

It is getting continuously harder to review the Onyx Webb series. I am constantly at war with myself on how to go about these reviews. If you’ve been a reader of my reviews for any amount of time you will see that I rarely give out five star reviews. You’ll also see that I’ve given the earlier three installments of Onyx Webb five stars and raved that each one is better than the previous. I am here to tell you that book four is no exception.

I can’t tell you much without giving you major spoilers. I can tell you that with every book (and this one is no exception) that Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton out do themselves. Imagine if you will, the Claritin commercial where everything is fuzzy until you take a pill. The world suddenly becomes clearer as if a plastic film was removed from your vision. As time goes on, everything is slightly blurry again. Your pill, the miracle to clearer vision, is the next book in this series.

There was one spot in particular where I read a passage and screamed out loud, (pardon my French) HOLY SHIT! Something became so clear that I was kind of miffed at myself that I didn’t catch on to it sooner. This just goes to show you the ingenious and hard work that Waltz and Fenton put into their work. I am so beyond impressed with what they are accomplishing.

I have book five in my possession but I’m forcing myself to take time to read it…I may need to brush up on the dictionary so I have a better vocabulary to review the next book. I love being on the OW100 team – thank you Waltz and Fenton for the books in exchange for my honest review.

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