The Mask

4/5 stars
The Mask
by Taylor Stevens
Publisher: Crown
Published: June 30th 2015

Vanessa Michael Munroe is at it again in The Mask. After a rather disastrous adventure in Somali, Munroe finds herself in Japan with her boyfriend Miles Bradford. While Munroe adjusts to a rather mundane routine, Bradford works as a security consultant for some extremely high-value technology. However, when Bradford is arrested for murder, Munroe finds herself dead center in another throng of mishaps. How far is she willing to go to save him while learning how much he has lied to her? Is Munroe prepared to kill in order to save the man who has just stabbed her in the back?

This is the very first Taylor Stevens book that I have picked up. I did not do the research and was unaware that this was book number 5 in the series. I’ll start by saying that I felt like I was thrown into a mix of characters that I had zero background information on. I felt a little lost and out of place at times but this is definitely not the author’s fault. That being said, I absolutely love the main character. Munroe is a fierce woman who can apparently pass as both a man and a woman. (I’m looking forward to starting this series from the very beginning) I love how strong and self motivated this character is. I felt as though I didn’t get to know enough about Bradford but again, more reason to start this series from book #1.

The Mask is a thrilling, fast paced story with plenty of plot twists that will leave your head spinning. I quite enjoy Stevens’ style of writing which makes the book smooth and easy to follow. I can easily say that even though I have not read the others books in this series, I am looking forward to getting to know Munroe’s character better.

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