Ink and Bone

4/5 Stars
Ink and Bone
Lisa Unger
June 7 2016

The Hollows is a place with many whispered secrets and Finely Montgomery is one of very few people that can hear them. Twenty-one years old, covered in tattoos and accompanied by three ghostly sisters, Finley just wants to silence the ongoing racket in her head. She can’t make sense of the little boy who sits silently playing with his toy trains or why the ghost of a woman named Faith is always giving her looks of disapproval. Upon waking one day, Finley is met with a brand new ghostly sound that she can’t begin to understand. As much as she tries to ignore the new and probing noise, she just can’t escape it. Could it be linked to a missing person’s case from almost a year ago?

Lisa Unger created a phenomenal masterpiece in Ink and Bone. There is so much mystery hidden in the layers of the story that I never quite grasped ahold of it all until the very last page. Unger gives us a haunting town history, characters that we can love to hate and just enough love and passion and fear to keep us turning pages. The paranormal twist on this particular story never felt unrealistic or too farfetched.

There were several moments throughout this story that were absolutely bone chilling. I found myself jumping at a knock on my door and again when my cat sidled up to me. I found myself holding my breath, begging for answers that never quite came soon enough. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of Ink and Bone, even when it evoked anger, sadness and fear inside me. I recommend this to everyone, if you think you can handle it!

I received a copy of this book in an exchange for an honest review via netgalley

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