The Beauty of the End

3/5 stars
The Beauty of the End
by Debbie Howells
Kensington Books
Literary Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers
Pub Date  26 Jul 2016

Published writer and former lawyer, Noah Callaway lives a seemingly quiet life. Tucked away in his late aunt’s cottage, Noah just wants to write about crime and forget his past. He wants to forget about his obsession with April Moon which started in high school. Noah calls April a goddess and paints a perfect picture of the girl he sees. Throughout their lives, Noah and April have an on again off again relationship and are even engaged to be married at one point. However, the perfect girl that Noah has dreamt up has a dark past that he’s chosen not to notice. Finally, free of the obsession, Noah receives a phone call from his estranged friend, Will who says April is the prime suspect in a murder and suicide attempt. The Beauty of the End follows Noah as he attempts to uncover years’ worth of secrets left behind by a woman he thought he knew, in order to prove her innocence.

I was quite impressed with the way this story started out and unfolded. The Beauty of the End is a gripping tale and I found myself flipping through the pages quite quickly. There are (mostly) believable characters and the style of writing is easy to follow. This is my first book written by Debbie Howells and I can’t wait to read more. That being said, I absolutely hated how naïve Noah’s character is. I can understand how April was able to keep some secrets from him, however, (without giving away spoilers) there were a few things that he SHOULD have noticed. I find it hard to believe that he was so wrapped up in the person he wanted her to be that he missed completely who she really was.

I had several of the clues pinpointed from the beginning but I wasn’t able to solve all the mysteries that April laid out until the very end. Also, the ending didn’t quite add up for me. It was not as smooth as the rest of the story was. Even though this wasn’t my favorite psychological thriller, Howells is still a brilliant writer and I urge you to give her a shot.

I received a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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