Baby Doll

I received an ARC from Redhook publishing in exchange for my honest review.

What do you do when the kidnapper whose held you captive for eight years makes a mistake? What happens when suddenly you’re given the option to run? Do you take it? Or do you stay for fear that it’s a trap? Baby Doll follows Lily as she attempts to escape with her daughter Sky. Multiple POVs give you the story AFTER the escape and how each family member is affected. Baby Doll allows you to see inside the minds of Lily, her mother, twin sister and her abductor.

I was really excited to receive this book and I dove in headfirst. The story line completely engrossed me and I quickly became enthralled with it. I devoured the entire story in a few hours’ time. There were several points throughout the book where I held my breath, praying for justice. I won’t give you any spoilers here but I commend the author for her writing technique.

I read a lot of reviews comparing this book to another and I’ll be honest, I haven’t read that other book so I cannot say one way or the other. I will say this, even if two people have the same story to tell, they will both execute it differently. I applaud Holly Overton for what she was able to accomplish with her enactment of this story.

Sure, there could have been more depth to the characters and the constant switching of POVs made the story a bit jumbled. Could it have dove deeper into the psychology of those affected by the kidnapping? Sure. However, I believe the author accomplished bringing out the right story for each character without including a bunch of nonsense that I would have inevitably skipped over. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed Baby Doll and hope to see more from Holly Overton in the future.

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