The Assassin Game

I received a copy of The Assassin Game via NetGalley in an exchange for my honest review.

The Assassin Game is just that: a game with an assassin. On a secluded island sits a unique boarding school for teens with extra talents. Umfraville has it’s share of gifted athletes, musicians and artists. It even has it’s very own secret society. “Killer” is built on the idea of having an assassin commit a series of pranks in order to “kill off” the other members without being discovered. However, when members of Killer start getting hurt for real, it’s up to Cate to figure out who is behind it all. Follow Cate on her journey to sort who can be trusted and who the real killer is.

The cover of The Assassin Game screamed my name the second I saw it. I knew immediately that I had to get my hands on it. I wish, however, that I had read the reviews. “Never judge a book by it’s cover” very much applies here. I was expecting so much more in regards to thriller and mystery. I was hoping for way more darkness, secrets and murder. However, if you are looking for a fun and mysterious read, you might enjoy this. If you go in with the premise of this being dark and twisted, you’ll be severely let down.

This book was written well if you take it for what it is; a fun mystery with a fair amount of twists and turns. Every time I thought I had it figured out, something would pop up and make me second guess myself. I always enjoy being thrown for a loop and never truly knowing “who-dunnit” until the very last chapter. I commend the author for her success in keeping the killers a secret.


3 thoughts on “The Assassin Game

  1. Bea @ When Curiosity Killed the Cat says:

    This is one of the books I wanted to grab on netgalley but because of how low it’s goodreads rating are, I didn’t. Well, I really did expect this one to be incredibly dark but as you have said, it aint. ‘Never judge the book by it’s cover’, huh? 🤔 This book really did intrigued me because of the cover. But oh well. 😥 I really did find your review helpful. 😊

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