Iron Goddess

Iron Goddess: A Shae Stevens Thriller

By; Dharma Kelleher

I received a copy of Iron Goddess in exchange for an honest review.

Mix boosting cars with prison time and a custom motorcycle shop and your end result is Shae; a bad ass biker chick with a wicked side. In Iron Goddess Shae is immediately met with a crisis at 4 am. Someone has broken into her shop and stolen several thousand dollars’ worth of bikes and equipment. Being the daughter of a former local MC’s president, Shae doesn’t trust the cops to find her product. On her search to find the truth behind the robbery, Shae is met with challenge after challenge. Soon she finds herself dead center of numerous murders, an abduction and the local drug cartel.

I’ll be quite honest now and tell you that I picked up this book simply for the fact that the main character is a lesbian biker chick. In this day and age, gay and lesbian books are popping up left and right. I applaud Dharma Kelleher for her tact while creating this beautifully tormented work of art. You won’t find any steamy lesbian sex scenes geared for men and you won’t find another emotional coming out story. Our main character in Iron Goddess is simply a lesbian, no explanation necessary. I want to jump up and down with joy, I want to shake Dharma’s hand and thank her profusely for giving us Shae. It’s about time we have a lesbian like Shae to follow!

Iron Goddess is fast paced and action packed. From the first paragraph to the last sentence you will be hanging on every word. Sons of Anarchy fans are sure to love this female driven lead. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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