Me Before You

Me Before You has been sitting idly on my shelf for the better part of two months. I received it as a gift from a fellow book lover. At the time, everyone was either reading it, preparing to read it or had already read it and were anticipating the movie. Last week I accidentally watched the movie trailer. I instantly became obsessed. I knew I had until June 3 to read the book, since that’s when the movie is to be released.

So I picked it up yesterday and dove head first. I will admit that after crying over CoHo books, I was prepared to do the same with this book. Everyone warned me that it would make me ugly cry. Maybe being prepared for it took away some of the shock and awe of the story. I did tear up; I was a bit emotional but it didn’t destroy me. Not in the way that the last few chick lit books did. I knew how it ended and I knew what to expect but I still enjoyed every page of it.

I loved the main character, Louisa Clark. I adored the way she carried herself in the face of a challenge. I loved how she cared for those she cherished in her life. At points I WAS her, what with the parents always poking fun at her expense and her little sister who was never to be outdone. I even felt like we had the same fashion sense.

Louisa is the sole income provider for her family, happily working in a coffee shop. Rather unexpectedly Louisa is let go and finds herself struggling to find a way to make ends meet. With no other experience to rely on, she is thrown headfirst into a position of “caregiver” to a snarky and unpleasant quadriplegic man, Will Traynor. Over the course of Louisa’s contract, a rather odd relationship begins to form. Will has no problem challenging Louisa to try new things, even if it means being ill-tempered with her. Louisa on the other hand has no problem voicing her opinion on how Will is living his own life. The bond these two characters form is both heartwarming and gut wrenching.

I applaud JoJo Moyes for writing in such a way that is both believable and relatable. This book will leave you questioning your own morals and values. So I leave you with this quote from Me Before You, “You only get one life. It’s actually your duty to live it as fully as possible.” 

2 thoughts on “Me Before You

  1. Booklighting says:

    I haven’t read this book, but it definitely looks interesting! I’ll definitely give it a go thanks to your review. I love unusual character/relationship dynamics 🙂


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