The Game You Played


Author Anya Allyn (Dollhouse series, Lake Ephemeral and Paracosm) has a brand new book and a brand new name.

Anni Taylor is absolutely brilliant in her debut book The Game You Played; an intense psychological thriller. I stepped out of my comfort zone of Fantasy and Sci-Fi for this and I am so glad that I did. The Game You Played opened up a whole new world for me.

In The Game You Played, we are painted a picture of a happy family in Australia. Phoebe, Luke and their son Tommy are at the park, enjoying themselves, like any other normal family would. When Tommy suddenly disappears, Phoebe’s world is shattered into a million pieces. 6 months later and Phoebe discovers that someone is leaving notes for her, alluding to the kidnapping of little Tommy. As Phoebe races to find the source of the cryptic notes, as well as her son, the world suddenly doesn’t seem so black and white. The shocking discovery of the correspondent will leave Phoebe questioning everything she’s ever believed in. You too, will question everything as you follow Phoebe on her journey to discover the truth.

The Game You Played kept me guessing until the very end. I had my theories and my queries but every time I got close to the answer, Taylor threw in another curve ball that shattered my ideas. If you are looking for an intense psychosomatic page-turner, I guarantee that this one is for you.

Buy it HERE

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