Bright Side


If you have read any of my previous reviews, then you know that I’ve been on a Colleen Hoover kick the last few weeks. I’ve consumed and demolished six of her novels in the past several weeks. I try to fit in a few other genres in between CoHo books, in order to nurse my book hangovers. Then yesterday happened – someone sent me a gift in the form of Kim Holden’s book “Gus.” I already owned Bright Side but hadn’t gotten around to reading it yet. Naturally I pushed it to the top of my To Be Read list. And holy s***… you get the point.

Bright Side took me on a journey I didn’t know I needed to take. I started out reading it yesterday, a few pages here and there. I had to adult, so I didn’t get to sit around and read all day. I took my kindle with everywhere I went yesterday just to sneak in a few pages every chance I could. I even decided to forgo fishing with my lovely wife, in order to sit beside the lake and devour every last word. By the time she caught her fish and we headed home, I was 70 % of the way through and determined to finish. My wife fell asleep pretty quickly, but not before shaking her head at me for crying (once again) over a book. She knows me pretty well and knows that I am not a crier. She wants to know why I keep torturing myself like this (I’d like to know as well). As I settled down in bed, trying to soften my sobs, I decided to do something necessary that I’ve never done before; I locked myself in the bathroom to read. In hindsight, I didn’t want to wake my sleeping beauty but I also didn’t want to have to explain myself. I don’t think I could have made coherent words between my sobs. I woke up (in bed – not on the bathroom floor) with swollen eyelids and an empty box of Kleenex next to me.

Bright Side is such a heartwarming tale full of love, loss and life lessons. Kim Holden portrayed the epitome of positivity so eloquently with Kate (aka Bright Side )that I’m sure I need a friend like her in my life. Kate’s point of view throughout the story is incredibly optimistic and encouraging. Her character is absolutely breathtaking and will leave YOU yearning for a Kate in your life. She’ll leave you with tears, a smile and a full heart. I believe Holden’s objective with this novel was to change the way you view the world we live in. I would say she definitely succeeded; I may never look at a sunset the same again. Kate shows us that we should live in the present because the future is never guaranteed. She powerfully shows the impact that one person can have on the lives of others. Kate’s story is one that will leave you breathless and yearning for more. Holden beautifully mixes in coffee, dance, music and love between the pages of Bright Side. Get your tissues ready and prepare for a rollercoaster ride. Hide yourself in the bathroom if you must. Whatever you do, go get this book and I’ll leave you with this,

“Go. Do Epic.”

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